Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well today I am 13DPO and its a  BFN. My temp plummeted which means AF is on her way... So this would be my 2nd failed IUI and my first failed injection cycle. I think I am losing my drive to keep doing this. We have the meds for 1 more cycle and can scrape together the money for maybe one more... but then what? Our only next option is IVF or adoption.

I would be more prone to gravitate to adoption. We'd spend the same on international adoption as we would on IVF anyway. My hubby isn't apposed to adoption, we've discussed it and he seems to like the idea to some extent. But.. I do know that he wants a baby that is biologically his. Plus with international adoption you don't get an infant, your lucky if the baby is under 1. 

Well all my negativity aside if the test is a BFN tomorrow or AF shows I'll go in for a baseline scan and start all over again... God willing there is no cyst or I'll be sitting out another month.

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